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            Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived a mean princess and her insane mom who used to talk about silly things under the sun. One day while the princess was eating her mom approached her. (The following lines are written in Filipino for the “humor” thing purpose.) 

            Mom: Mag-business ka na lang kaya pag punta mo ng Europe.

            Princess: Ano namang business?

            Mom: Yung unique, yung kakaiba!

            Princess: Ano nga yung unique at kakaiba?! *slightly irritated*

            Mom: Magtinda ka kaya ng tricycle dun? Tutal wala namang ganun sa kanila, papatok yun!

            Princess: Eh? *looked mom’s eyes intently *

            Mom: Ayos naman yun ha! Biruin mo ikaw magpapauso nun doon. Pilipinong-pilipino, wala kang kakompetensya dun!

            Princess: Sige pa ma, konti na lang mapapaniwala mo na ko. Konti na lang talaga. Teka nga, umamin nga kayo, kelan pa kayo natutong magdrugs??!!!

             These lines occupied my mind last July 4, 2009 when Sir Barry discussed about thinking and acting globally. I suddenly realized that my mom wasn’t in drugs when she was talking about selling tricycle in Europe (my bad). She had a point after all. Anyway, instead of talking about how my mom and I talk when we’re together, let’s just talk about last class meeting’s activities.

 Sad to say I can’t remember everything that happened that day because of that silly conversation with my mom which kept bugging me the entire class session. And aside from that, my uber-disappointment for losing in the quiz-with-a-twist took my enthusiasm away (I don’t like to talk about this thing). Or maybe I’m just so lazy to type for I just had a manicure few minutes ago. (I’m super afraid that my fierce-red nails will be ruined.) But here’s the thing! I learned a lot of changes in the market place, especially on the products before (which actually brought me to think of that tricycle-thing). Let’s just make it easy and short for our sakes.

 Before, the making of products was in a linear mode. Everything would start from the Organization going to the supply chain (business partners) until it became a finished product and went to the customers or consumers. Control over how the product will be or will look like was with the company or the organization. But as the old cliché says, “The only permanent thing in this world is change.” No wonder that this linear mode of the products before transformed into something collaborative.

With the new model of production, the organization is not the only one who has a say with how the product should be. Now, different stakeholders also take their part and give their say on how the finish product will look like. This turns to be possible because of mass collaboration, which helps a lot of companies innovate and change for betterment.

For now, let me think about the tricycle business in Europe first, and just wait for the update. I’m still figuring out how this mass collaboration will help this tricycle thing be known across the globe.

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