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Marie’s crush is Popoy. She wants to get his attention and know everything about him as much as possible. She likes the guy so much. The following are her ways of catching Popoy’s interest.

One day, she got a Facebook account hoping that she could get in touch with him through this. Sadly, Popoy’s in Friendster and a super-fan of it. She’s upset.

The next day, she created a Yahoo account to send him an email and to chat with him. Unfortunately, he’s in his Gmail account and having conversations with friends and classmates.

The next next day, early in the morning, she heard that her crush is into blogging. She turned her laptop on and signed up in WordPress. To her dismay, she found out that afternoon that he’s in Blogspot.

The following days got worse than before. She created a video and uploaded it in YouTube, but he’s never been in that site. He’s an Imeem buddy. Then she made a Twitter, planning to follow him, but he doesn’t have a Twitter account. She uploaded her pictures in Flickr wishing that she might hook Popoy by her charming poses, but he’s using Photobucket for photo-sharing.

Finally, tears flowed; she’s about to give up. “Maybe Popoy is not for me. Maybe he’s for Basha afterall.” Poor Marie! She was about to tell Popoy these lines: “Ako na lang, Poy. Ako naman kasi. Ako na lang.” *cry cry*

Few weeks later, though she wanted to mend her almost broken heart, she went to her OrCom 152 class. And this day turned out to be the start of bringing back the color of her life that she thought was already doomed. Yay! And the conversation prism of Brian Solis below is the key.

smaller CP

Marie realized that:

  • Not all people use Facebook.Some of them use Friendster, Multiply, Twitter, Plurk, or what have you.
  • Not all people have Yahoomail account. Some of them have Gmail account or MSN.
  • Not all people use WordPress. Some of them use Blogspot.
  • Not all people watch and listen to videos in Youtube. Some of them do that in Imeem.

(Like “her” Popoy.)

Basically, she learned that people are diverse in the world of Internet and in the world of new social media. They are diverse as how cultures across the world are. The question is in what way individuals, organizations or companies will tap these people conversing in different communities since people, customers or consumers are not hanging in the same place.

She found out that organizations must do a lot of listening. They must hang out with their consumers, and humanize their brand. They must do an engagement plan or strategy, and customize their messages based on who they are talking to. And, they must also know where their stakeholders are.

So, Marie’s heart, with medicine strips and some stitches, has started to enlighten.

As of the moment, she is hanging out with Popoy—knowing more about her beloved crush and engaging him in her strategy (I won’t tell. Guess what it is!). She is using her Organizational Communication “learnings” as her charm in carrying out her plans.

For her, it is a “One More Chance” moment, a chance of her “lovelifetime” that she won’t let pass.

Wanna bet what will happen?

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