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I really couldn’t think of the best way to start this reflection post, but I know that as I’ve written those first few words, I actually started it. But let’s not dwell on how I shall begin this blog entry. Let me share some insights and “realizations” that I surprisingly picked up from the 9th chapter of Wikinomics.

Coming together. It is truly amazing how new social media can actually make different people from different places work and share outlooks together. I admire those corporations or companies which use these media in knowing and understanding their customers more, benefiting both organizations and their consumers. Aside from that, the use of new media empowers the employees. They can now participate and contribute in decision-making, and actually can initiate change and innovation.

See how new social media can make geographically dispersed people come together!

New Social Media. I won’t enumerate the different new media that are now used by many people for I may be mistaken, or for I may miss some. I just want to share this insight that I grasped from the reading. Let us be smart on how to use these media, and let us use them while they are giving a lot of opportunities for they won’t be forever “in” or cool for everyone. They won’t be always beneficial and won’t be forever new. Let us learn to use the most beneficial and most effective medium/media for our needs and businesses, and make the best out of it.

Shifting of Environment. I know that change is cannot be achieved in just a snap of a finger, but isn’t it great to know that we are also changing as everyone and everything around us changes?

For corporations, you must learn to improve and innovate. Go and get your self out of the four corners of the super-old bureaucracy, and don’t be afraid to try the new trend and use it in your advantage. I’m not saying that being in a classical way is wrong. It is just that you must somehow learn to cope with what’s really happening around.

For people (especially to those who are scared to face the new generation), give your selves a break! Don’t let your selves be losers. Learn and play the game. The world has so many things to offer, and new social media are giving you many ways to explore and benefit from these things.

Now, to the end this entry, I’m giving you a period.

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