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This is it, my first official and “academic” blog post! Inescapable! Unavoidable! Bound to happen!

I am not a fan of blogging ‘cause I’m kinda lazy typing a lot of words that bombarding my mind. I did blog before, but it’s just about my phone which left me out of the blue (I thought. But we’re going to have some kind of reunion this weekend). J Aside from that nothing more important, all are weird nonsense things.

This time is different. I’m gonna talk and tell about OrCom things, and everything (I hope) that’s going to happen in the name of the course. I wish I can give every detail in every story that I will post. To start with, I like to share the things that freaked me out regarding our newest subject OC 152, New Communication Trends.

Number one: the idea of meeting Lupita. I enlisted and registered on the said subject without checking the CRS regarding the professor/lecturer that will handle the class. It was few days after the registration period when someone told me that maybe the Saturday morning class will be taken care of “Mamita” (let’s just assume that she’s a she, and she’s an oldie) because the name of the prof is concealed in CRS. That’s the time I remembered the email of her saying that she will see me soon next semester on OC 152. Whoa! Wait! Wait! Wait! That was like a nightmare, indeed! Don’t get me wrong guys. It’s not that I don’t like Mamita. It’s just that I’m worrying bout her health, and it won’t be easy for her handling a subject on her condition. (Hey! Hey! Ok, I can read now what you’re thinking! Don’t think that way. Let’s just talk later about that silly thoughts of yours.)

Anyway, it’s a big relief to see Sir Barry in front of the class when I entered the room. Whew! *smile* “Breathe, babe! You’re kinda safe for now.” I couldn’t help talking to my self while walking.

Number two: blogging and podcasting. Hello world! I am not a techie person, and I dunno where my not-so-many knowledge about these stuffs will take me. “Operation Exploration! Brace your self, girlash!” I was most of the time absent on my computer classes during high school days because of extra-curricular activities and academic contests. What now?!

But like what Sir Barry said we are in the thick of social media. I think I can still manage to help my self with these stuffs than any other people. New social media is indeed new for many of us. I hope to explore and discover more about this thing, and hope that we’re all together on that exploration.

Lastly, number three: the room. GAB 105 is not the kind of room for Sir Barry’s class, for NEW social media discussion. I was used to go upstairs and see everyone in RH303. The room doesn’t justify the subject. Ha-ha-ha! “Sanayan lang yan!” (sorry for code switching).

But I am happy despite all these freaking things. I’m an OrCom student. I’m in UP Manila. And I am in my last year. “There’s no any other year.” (guess who said that).

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