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New social media have taken the globe by storm, and started to spread out like virus on earth. They have already tapped a lot of fields in this world. There are marketing, public relations, advertising, social networking, and job hunting and recruitment. And let’s talk in particular the last field.

Remember how Elle Woods of Legally Blonde talked about her self, her abilities and skills, to be able to enter Harvard University, and to be able to be one of its law students? Aside from written documents, Elle sent them a video showing and telling the university what she got. Setting aside the fact that she was only wearing a two-piece swimsuit, this video indeed helped her to enter the university. And this video helped the university in considering her as one of the qualifying students of law.

Let’s not blab about Elle Wood’s absurdity in the film, but the benefits of making a video to stand as one’s resume, and putting it on the context of job hunting and job recruitment. And let’s call this one as video resume.

Before when one is looking and applying for a job, he/she would prepare his/her bio-data; a few years after he/she would prepare his/her resume. But as the world changes, and as new social media rise, these bio-data and resumes are starting to be out of place; thus, the birth of video resume in job hunting and recruitment.

The rapid growth of the number of videos online, paired by the dominance of digital cameras and other video recorders, has created the stage for birth of video resume. According to Alison Doyle of About.com, a video resume or vidresume is “a short video created by a candidate for employment that describes the individual’s skills and qualifications and is typically used to supplement a traditional resume.” It reinforces an applicant’s curriculum vitae, and at the same time builds up one’s skills and abilities. It can highlight one’s personality and can talk about can talk about an applicant’s qualities more than a paper or a traditional resume can do because it offers more dimensions not only to the job hunters, but also to the employees.

In a country like the Philippines, which is suffering from unemployment and underemployment, a video resume can be a helpful medium for job seekers and applicants to advance his or her self over others. Since hunting and acquiring a job seems to be a big competition now in the country, it will be beneficial for the Filipino applicants to have a medium that will aid them in the current situation of employment. Also, this will help them cope with what’s happening on the online world.

So, the question is this… Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?

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